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Website Design & Development

Elimint has created a simple and proven three step website design and development system in creating websites from scratch. We emphasize speed, clear communication, and best practice techniques in creating websites best suited for any business.

Website Design & Development


In order to set clear goals and expectations, we conduct an interview session with you and your team to establish milestones, make suggestions, and listen to your needs in order to build a website as efficiently as possible.


Our designers will work with you and your team to derive the desired website’s look and feel, including color schemes, branding, and overall style that best represents your business.


Once a design of the website is approved, the website will be coded from scratch. We do not work with templates, or outsource any coding. Everything is built in-house ensuring that your website performs well on modern devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

(310) 246-0354